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We’re growing together in the grace of Jesus Christ. Would you join us?
We meet together in an atmosphere of grace to help each other grow as gospel believers who love and follow Christ as Lord.

Purpose Statement

purpose statement

Knowing the Truth

At Grace, we preach the truth straight from the Bible. In our worship services, believers listen to expositional preaching that addresses a passage of Scripture and explores practical applications to our daily lives.

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Living the Truth

Growth takes work, so we are intent on discipling believers according to Christ’s example through prayer and relationships developed in our small group ministries, retreats, and Sunday school classes.

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Sharing the Truth

We have been blessed with the gift of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through our community outreaches and our missions program, we extend the influence of the gospel to our region and throughout the world.

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Core Values

life is all about Christ
Core Value 1
Life is all about Christ, our Lord and our God.
worship matters to God
Core Value 2
Worship matters to God.
Recent Sermons
Core Value 3
The Bible is truth we can count on.
response to the Gospel
Core Value 4
Our response to the gospel changes everything.
Core Value 5
We need each other.
global mission
Core Value 6
Our mission is global.
Core Value 7
Heaven is real and so is hell.